Welcome to jerith.za.net

Well, I have finally finished (more or less) the transition from php to python/nevow. When I get around to it (and have fixed up some of the style issues, the code is a bit of a mess) I'll put up the python I'm using.

The layout and content of this site is still being decided on, so expect things to remain fluid (in the sense that they may fall on the floor and go splat) for a while longer. If there's anyone out there with a bit of time and some artistic skill, I'd be quite willing to provide beer and pizza in exchange for a page template.

If there's something you really want to see up here, bug me about it. Or even better, email me the code. If you want to send me cash, pizza or caffeine, feel free. If you want to send me any other kind of gift, that's also fine.

The update detector is one of the bits that isn't quite working yet. Anything that has changed in the past week should referenced by this icon: new (But it probably isn't.)

It seems that MS Internet Explorer (about which I shall refrain from making rude comments) doesn't handle transparency in PNGs properly. There's apparantly a JavaScript hack to get around that, but I'm not going to bother with it. Also, I currently don't have a system installed that will run IE to test with, so making sure it works would involve more effort than I'm willing to expend on a non-standards-compliant browser. If you're using that particular browser, I would recommend switching to Firefox or Opera, both of which are far superior in every way.

Everything on this site is copyrighted by me and licensed under fairly permissive conditions unless explicitly stated.